Breakthrough Diploma Mathematics for HKDSE is a series of student-oriented, self-help reference books. We publish the 2nd Edition with revised contents in accordance with the Education Bureau’s updates on Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary4-6) in January 2014. The book aims at building up a greater capacity and confidence in candidates to get good results in the examination. 《文憑數學新突破》是一套以學生為本、自助式的參考書。這套書是為考生應付香港中學文憑考試數學卷而編寫的,第二版已根據 2014 年 1 月教育局對高中數學課程修訂,而作出內容修訂、題目更新及補充,務求幫助考生打好數學基礎,提升應試能力。 Turbo BAFS is a series of student-oriented
reference books written in simple English.

This 2nd Edition is special for the syllabus
of HKDSE BAFS examination from 2016
Complete Mastery of HKDSE Economics is a series written
for students preparing for the HKDSE Economics, especially
for those aiming at attaining outstanding results.

This series consists of three books providing a full coverage
of the syllabus. In particular, the book of Volume 1 covers all
topics in microeconomics including the elective part.
It is designed to prepare students to tackle short and
structure/essay-type questions.

This book is superb in the quantity and quality of questions,
comprehensive in the study notes, and is marked at
reasonable price.