Turbo BAFS Elective Part A2 Accounting Module: Cost Accounting 2nd Edition

Turbo BAFS is a series of student-oriented reference books written in simple English. This 2nd Edition is special for the syllabus of HKDSE BAFS examination from 2016 onwards.


– Clear learning objectives at the start of each chapter
– Concise and detailed notes with examination highlights
– Numerous Chinese translations for professional accounting terms
– Step-by-step illustrative examples

providing more in-depth knowledge for advanced study


Worked Examples
– Typical worked examples facilitating self-study and revision
– Question analysis and working steps pinpointing the answering strategies to solve problem

providing unique answering skills for complicated questions
– Worked example followed by corresponding question at the end of each chapter

– All questions marked with level of difficulty assisting students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in the topic area
– Questions are creative, innovative and suitable for preparing examinations

Answers and Solutions
– Answers to all MC questions with clear explanations and additional reference

– Clear and tidy layout
– Special emphasis on important terms, concepts and application




ISBN : 978-962-407-280-8
2nd edn 2014